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Go to Jianghu to play soy sauce

The third sword was only two fingers thick, and the blade was so perfect that Xiaoman could clearly see his eyes on it. As soon as the sword came out, she felt a sharp chill and shrank back. This one is called Broken Snow. He ran his fingers lovingly over its blade, as if he were touching the skin of a lover. "It only killed one man. When I was sixteen, a man betrayed me and played tricks on me. It cut off the man's head." Xiaoman swallowed a mouthful of saliva, his palms were full of sweat, and he could not help regretting that he had nothing to do. Ze Xiu wiped the sword, put it back in the scabbard, picked up the cloak and threw it to her: "Go to sleep." Then he blew out the candle. Xiaoman was so frightened that he rolled over and over on the ground and couldn't sleep. It's better to leave. She couldn't see through what the man was thinking, from the past to the present. Is he really just saying that? No, no, Xiaoman's intuition is definitely not like that. He is scaring her and threatening her. He hates her so much. Maybe if he is unhappy, he will lose his head. Just for such a long time, they traveled together, experienced so many things, did he really forget? Completely disposable? One night, she saw herself in the bronze mirror, full of a kind of beauty that was about to wither, and he would abandon such a thing as an old shoe? Can he really abandon her just because she is nothing? Xiaoman bit his finger tightly and refused to think any more. She's going to cry. People all over the world look at her like an ant, it doesn't matter,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, she can still live a good life, but she doesn't want to feel inferior in front of this person. She could not expect before the beautiful, even if it is gone, do not belong to their own, she will not be looked down upon again when they meet again. No begging, no weakness. It's better for her to leave. As the night wore on, his breath rose and fell softly in the darkness, and he should have fallen asleep. Xiaoman got up lightly,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, grabbed his bundle, and turned back step by step for fear that he would wake up. She went to the door, lowered her head and touched her shoes. Sweat, where did he throw her shoes? She was trying to touch it carefully when she heard a "whoosh" behind her ear, and a cold light rubbed her ear and nailed it heavily to the door. She was so frightened that she stood up slowly, walked to her side, bent down and lifted her back. Xiaoman was so stiff that he pushed him to the ground and dared not move his fingers. Ze Xiu went to the door again, pulled out his sword, and walked back slowly. She gasped and grabbed the cloak over her head. He'll cut her head off! After waiting for a long time, there was no movement. She quietly opened a crack in her cloak to see that he had withdrawn his sword from its scabbard, then grabbed it in his hand and came to lie beside him. I told you, if you step out of the door, I will treat you as a common wanted criminal, and I will not show mercy. He spoke lightly, Nonoxynol 9 Factory ,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, and there was no sleepiness in his voice. Xiaoman was so frightened that he almost cried and lay on the ground, unable to move from his hair to his toes. Ze Xiu grabbed her belt, twisted it twice on her hand, wrapped it around her wrist, pulled her over a little, and said, "Sleep." She will die! I'm sure I'll die! Xiaoman thought in a mess, his heart beating faster and slower, and he wanted to jump up and tell him that he had cut himself with a sword, which would be more pleasant. But she was reluctant to give up her life. She was only sixteen years old, and she had never touched many beautiful things in her life. Can he really kill her? She was so tired that she didn't go to sleep until it was almost dawn. I don't know how long she slept. She woke up suddenly, got up and looked around timidly. Zexiu seemed to have gone out. She walked hesitantly to the door, wondering if she should dare to push it and run out. But when he looked down, the broken snow was stuck on the door, and the cold sharp blade was facing her, making it clear that if she dared to go out, he would use the sword to cut off her head to make wind chimes. Xiaoman wiped his tears on his back, "Zexiu, you are so amazing.". There was a note stuck on the broken snow. She carefully took it down and opened it. There was a line of words written on it: Behind is the kitchen. Everything has been bought. Go back for dinner in the evening. Ze Xiuliu. She threw the note on the ground and stepped on it several times, imagining that she was stepping on him and trampling him into a pig's head. But imagination is imagination after all, and in reality she is still a poor drudge who has been squeezed. She cleaned up and ran to the back door. Sure enough, there was a small yard. The wall was so high that she wanted to cry again. Unless she wanted to fall to her death, she didn't want to climb the wall to escape. There were several doors in the backyard, but they were all locked and covered with dust. She pushed open the only unlocked door, which was indeed a kitchen. There were many things like pork and cabbage piled on the floor, and a brand-new big pot, oil, salt, sauce and vinegar were also newly bought. Xiaoman quickly sorted these things and arranged them. After half a day's work, she stewed a pot of pork and cabbage. As soon as she put them into a bowl to take them out, she looked up and saw a man standing at the kitchen door. She was so frightened that she almost smashed the bowl. Didn't you come back in the evening? She asked, still in shock. Ze Xiu took the dishes in her hand, turned around and walked away, saying, "Well, the food outside is not delicious." Xiaoman had planned to pour some dirty things such as rags and water into his bowl to retaliate, but he came back so soon that the prank was obviously impossible. Somehow, she felt so guilty that she went over and said with a dry smile, "You.." When did you get back? There was no sound at all. Ze Xiu cloth good chopsticks, light way: "When you step on the note as a pig's head." She felt so guilty that she ate a few mouthfuls of the bowl, and suddenly she was glad that she had not poured dirty things into his bowl, otherwise his sword would shake and shake to cut her neck. Crow Kill Volume Chapter 20 He He He (2) Updated: 2008-10-15 13:46:23 Words in this Chapter: 3644 The second watch. After staying here for a few days, Xiaoman gradually found out the law of Zexiu's life. He would turn off the lights and go to bed every night. The next day, he would get up after a quarter of an hour and go out to practice. He would come back and continue to sleep. When he slept, he would go out with his sword, come back for lunch at noon,Lactoferrin Manufacturer, continue to go out in the afternoon, come back for dinner in the evening, and then wipe his sword and go to bed.

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